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Decentralized. Data.

Syndicate combines existing cloud storage providers into a single (virtual) cloud storage. This decentralizes your data, so you control it, not the providers.




With Syndicate, you are not tied down to any single cloud provider, and you can seamlessly move between them. You control where and how your data is stored.


Syndicate offers a secure programmable storage layer over untrusted providers. You control what Syndicate does with your data, and who can access it.


Syndicate uses content distribution networks to boost the speed of your data downloads, while also ensuring you always read fresh data.

Developer API

Developers can write and deploy application-specific storage logic on top of Syndicate, and never worry about hosting user data or scaling access to it.



Syndicate Drive

Syndicate runs as a FUSE filesystem on UNIX-like operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.). You can get the development-build RPMs here. Our source code and documentation are on GitHub. Our first stable release will be for PlanetLab users.


Syndicate creates a scalable, programmable cloud storage abstraction layer. With Syndicate, a user can combine multiple cloud storage accounts and on-site storage to create a virtual, always-on, decentralized storage drive. Syndicate uses CDNs and edge caches to provide scalable data delievery. The key innovation behind Syndicate is a novel data consistency protocol, which enforces your consistency requirements in the face of weak cache consistency in CDNs. Syndicate lets you define the semantics of cloud storage independent of the providers, lowering the barrier-to-entry for deploying cloud storage and increasing consumer freedom.

Please read our extended abstract or whitepaper for a technical overview of the Syndicate architecture.

Applications that are being built using Syndicate include:

Secure Email

Storing emails in the cloud is convenient and enables access from multiple devices. However, users have to trust cloud providers for not leaking or processing their emails. Syndicate enables private encrypted email.

Video Sharing

We're building a simple video sharing application on top of Syndicate. You can think of this as your personal NetFlix for sharing videos with your friends. Syndicate will take care of content delivery and performance.


SearchLab is a testbed for running large-scale search experiments. It enables researchers to quickly deploy search systems by re-using common components and run realistic search experiments using large datasets



Syndicate is developed at the Computer Science department of Princeton University. Syndicate started off as an academic research project by Jude Nelson under the supervision of Larry Peterson. Syndicate is currently deployed using PlanetLab and VICCI and contributors include: Muneeb Ali, Wathsala Vithanage, John Whelchel, and Illyoung Choi.